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Our Standard Is Excellence

The TAJ Collision Center slogan "OUR STANDARD IS EXCELLENCE", directly reflects our commitment to providing the very best in customer service and repair services. Our facility is managed and operated by highly qualified, and experienced employees.
We stand behind our work with a written warranty. TAJ Collision Center is committed to exceeding our customer's expectations, while providing friendly assistance.

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We Value

Customer Service - Customers are the reason we are in business! They make our Company and our livelihood possible. Customers have other options for solving their auto repair problems. We must remain focused on our customers and address their needs and desires better than any other company in order to continue to deserve our customers business.

Teamwork - None of us can do the whole job alone! It takes all of us working together to provide the type of service our customers come to expect and deserve. We are a team, and while each one of us has a critical part to play on that team, we are all responsible to do whatever it takes to complete the team's assignments.

Honesty and Integrity - Everything we do will be done with honesty and integrity! We expect it in our relationships with our customers and our vendors, and they expect it from us. We believe that our good rectitude is key to our success as a business. If it cannot be done with honesty and integrity, we will not do it.

Just Know

Our staff is here to assist you with your auto claim. This includes, but is not limited to, helping with communication between the insurance company, arranging a rental car while the vehicle is in for repair, and keeping you updated on the status of the repair while in our care.

The Team

With 15+ years of experience in the auto body industry, Josh Luna provides quality work that he takes great pride in. Josh continues his education to keep up with the new standards of collision repair and is certified I-CAR Platinum and I-CAR Steel GMA Welding.
Nakkia Luna has been with TAJ Collision Center as an estimator/office manager since 2010. She strives to keep the family business reputation as it has been for years; a quality repair at a fair price with a commitment to customer satisfaction while providing a personal approach to the repair process.

Collision Repair

At TAJ Collision Center we repair vehicle damage on all makes and models, and are highly experienced in both full frame vehicles and uni-body vehicles. Our technicians take great care in each step of the process, from repairing or replacing parts and structure to perfectly matching your vehicle's factory finish. Attention to detail is our priority, and we guarantee our work with a written warranty!


The paint on your vehicle does more than make your car look good. It also protects the body from rust, corrosion, and other kinds of damage. We understand that you want the highest quality paint job as quickly as possible so you can get back on the road. That’s why we use the best equipment, materials, and technicians for every paint job.
We offer painting solutions for most vehicles, thanks to the following accommodations:
•Cutting-edge mixing equipment to match your vehicle’s color
•High-quality PPG automotive paint

Bikes & Custom Work

Whether you have a motorcycle, truck, car or some project that needs some custom attention we can handle it. We have been in the custom painting and body work business for over 8 years, paying close attention to detail and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to get 3 Estimates?
A: No. You only need to provide a single Estimate from the shop of YOUR choice. In fact, many insurance companies will write their own estimate anyway, which means you just wasted your lunch hour for nothing.

Q: Do I have to take my car to the shop that the insurance company referred me to?
A: No. YOU are the only one who can decide where to repair your car. Although many insurance companies have "direct repair" relationships with certain shops, the final decision on who will do the repair, is YOURS.

Q:What if my car has frame damage? Will it ever be the same?
A: If your car was in an impact more serious than a "bump in the parking lot", then there is a pretty good chance that the frame or "UNI-BODY STRUCTURE" has been compromised. Vehicles today are designed to collapse in an impact to absorb the energy from the collision. Believe it or not, this protects you and your passengers. The bad news is, it costs more to repair. However, if the repair facility has the correct training and equipment, your car can be returned to the factory specifications. We will provide you with a computer printout documenting the accuracy of the repair.

Q: How long will my car be in the shop?
A: To complete the repair correctly, it may take some time. We can do some things like "pre-ordering" parts, and assisting you in expediting the insurance claims process to reduce the amount of time you are out of your car. However, there are also other events that could potentially delay the completion of your car. Once we have the car opened up we can assess all of the damage caused by the accident, we will have a more realistic view of the completion date. It is important to note that TAJ Collision Center has continually received excellent marks when it comes to ON TIME DELIVERY.

Q: Can I get a rental car when my vehicle is dropped off for repair?
A: Yes, we can arrange a rental car to coincide with your scheduled appointment.

Q: My car needs towing, what do I do?
A: We can arrange towing at your convenience. Please contact us to make arrangements

Claims Processing

Being involved in an accident doesn't happen that often, knowledge of how the claims process works can save you hours of frustration and anxiety. We can help you navigate through this process. Please consider a few of the following suggestions when beginning your process.

* Make sure that you get all of the other person's information at the time of the accident. Driver's Name, Phone #, D.L. #, Insurance Company, Agent & Phone #, Make/model of car, License plate #, Police Report #, Witness & Contact information, Describe scene of accident briefly.

* If an insurance company is going to be paying for the repair, file the claim as soon as possible. Be sure to get the claim number on your first call to the insurance company. If another party is at fault, but wants to pay for it out of pocket, don't wait too long. Get them an estimate as soon as quick as you can. Make sure the estimate is as complete as it can be. If there are any "open" items, ask the shop to note all of them on the estimate. Again, don't wait too long. It shouldn't take the other party more than about 3 minutes to decide whether the amount is more than the person has in the bank. Anything more than that is just a stall.

* If the other party is at fault, they (or their insurance company), owe you a rental car. The insurance company understands this, and will not give you grief about this issue. However, a third party may not understand the law or your rights.

* If the vehicle is un-drivable, get it to the shop as quickly as possible. (And get into your rental car). Un-drivable may mean that the car is illegal to drive, i.e.; lights not working etc.

* Whenever possible have the insurance adjuster inspect the car at the shop where you are having it repaired. This will give the shop the opportunity to discuss any other items that the adjuster may have missed. This procedure minimizes questions as to how the repair will proceed.

* Never argue with the adjuster. The shop should be the one dealing with the adjuster on your behalf. If they are not, you are not getting your money's worth. The shop understands what it takes to repair your vehicle. The only time that the shop should involve you with negotiations, is when there is a coverage issue stated by your policy, or if the adjuster is recommending a process that will compromise the repair.


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I would highly recommend TAJ if you want an honest thorough estimate and depth of expertise to get the repairs you need done right the first time. -Sean

I'd highly recommend Taj Collision Center for there outstanding customer service and workmanship. -Michael

They are a family business and really take pride in their customers. -bornwild2791

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From I-90 Eastbound:

1.Take the FRONT STREET exit, EXIT 17, toward E LK Sammamish Parkway SE.

2.Take the FRONT STREET ramp toward City Center / Issaquah

3.Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto FRONT STREET N The shop is located in the Issaquah Auto Stop shopping center on the right.

From I-90 Westbound:


2.Turn L onto FRONT STREET N


4.The shop is located in the Issaquah Auto Stop shopping center on the right.